To save the cat, Sasha spent all his savings and named him Tigrik in honor of the 2022 Year of the Tiger

On a December morning, when they left the clinic with their mother and noticed a red cat shivering from the cold in the parking lot.

They felt sorry for the baby because he could freeze in the cold . The boy approached the cat to take him in his arms, but the kitten got scared and hid under the car. They couldn’t catch him.

Then she and her mother went to the pet store and bought food.They decided to lure the red cat with it. Having caught as a kitten they went to the vet.

During the examination it turned out that the tips of the ears were frostbitten and the animal was severely emaciated.

The veterinarian wrote out the treatment, as well as prescribed tests and procedures.

When calculating the cost of treatment mother didn’t have enough money. Without thinking twice, the boy gave away all his savings, which he was given for his birthday.

Sasha named him Tigrik in honor of the year 2022 with the hope that he will bring health and good luck to his pet and all the hard trials that Tigrik endured while living on the street will be left behind.

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