Two dogs were lying outside under old chairs

It happened in one of the cities of Greece,Karditsa. Two dogs were accidentally found on the street by people. They immediately contacted the volunteers and informed them about the homeless animals.

The women who arrived weren’t at all surprised.They have been saving dogs for a long time, so they find them anywhere. It was only very disappointing that two beautiful dogs weren’t needed by their owners.And they were simply kicked out into the street.

The volunteers were able to take them. Poor dogs with matted hair trembled in their hands like leaves in the wind. And when they were put into the carrier, horror and distrust were read in their eyes.

Soon the foundlings were brought to the shelter. The conditions were’t the best but even this option was much better than vagrancy on the street. They brought water and food and the dogs greedily pounced on the treat.

And in the morning the pets were taken to the veterinarian. It was necessary to inspect them and get rid of tangled dirty wool that can’t be combed. However they didn’t completely shave off their “fur coats”, but cut them.So that they could continue to easily care for animal hair.

Volunteers admitted that the conditions do not allow keeping animals here especially when it is winter outside. They will certainly be provided with medical assistance, but then they will have to wait either for those who are ready to take the dogs for overexposure or who want to become the owners of these cute creatures.

I really hope that soon someone will take the dogs into their home and they won’t have to live homeless, as it was before.

We wish our heroes to find loving owners as soon as possible!

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