Two-footed stray dog struggles to feed and protect her puppies

Despite the fact that this dog does not have both hind legs, she turned out to be a wonderful mother for her 4 babies, who were just born.

In the neighborhood where the heroine of this story lives, she was just one of many homeless people, but after Shi Bao lost her legs under the wheels of a train, she became famous.

The dog learned to move by balancing on its front paws. This is how she walks when she takes her kids for a walk.

When journalists wrote about Shi Bang, a charity from Britain took care of her babies.

The turn in the fate of Shi Bang herself was even more unexpected. The dog will also start a new life, for this she will go to Hong Kong.

Shi Bang was chosen to host an advertising campaign about the inadmissibility of cruelty to animals. The advertising campaign is designed for the whole of Asia, and Shi Bang will receive not only recognition, but also special wheels to move.

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