Two stories about harmful cats

Let’s be honest, sometimes pets can be a little naughty and give their owners a few unpleasant moments. But patience and love will always destroy the wall of misunderstanding between the cat and the owner.


Olga Rysikova was at a loss, not understanding how you can return your animals.She was always very patient with our little brothers and forgave them all their pranks.

The girl is well understood that the animal does not initially know how to behave in the apartment, so you need to be patient and teach this pet.

Olya took home a cat, that was returned twice already because of bad behavior. It was not easy for the girl with the pet at first, because cat managed to destroy all chargers, wires and even hoses from the washing machine.

In fact because of the cat Olga drowned the neighbors from below a couple of times, but she still patiently taught the pet how to behave properly. Fortunately, the neighbors understood and forgave the girl and her harmful cat.

The cat has been living with Olga for four years. His name is Max and now he is a educated, intelligent and understanding cat.

To tell the truth, there were many problems, but it was worth it.

Masyanya and Glessi

Once Tatyana Burnyakova-Semenikhina was leafed pages on social networks and saw a photo of a cute tricolor kitten. The girl immediately showed the baby to her husband and the young man also considered the baby wonderful.

And although already lived in the house a cat named Glessy , the family decided to shelter this cat as well.

They decided to call the new one Masyanya. As soon as she was brought home to Tanya, the cat did not think of anything better than to “skylark” right on the shirt of the girl’s husband.

Then the baby took refuge in a room under the sofa and howled for two nights in a row, she probably missed her mother. And Glessi hissed all the time at the sight of the guest, as like a hint that she was in charge in this house.

In general, the owners didn’t even have to think about a peaceful and calm life.

But people showed patience and gradually taught the cats to each other. Now peace and tranquility reign in the house, and only three months have passed.

Glessi continues to feel like a queen, and Masyanya acts as a capricious princess.

Now the pets are friends and sometimes cause inconvenience to the owners, playing with each other and loudly banging their paws on the floor at night.

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