Veteran, horse, and dog are walking 1000s of miles across the US for good cause

Matt Perrella served the United States Marine Corps. However like so many other servicemen and women he had new complications to deal with when he returned from deployment.

Unfortunately, Matt’s experience had given him PTSD. It ate away at him, even pushing him to thoughts of suicide. Fortunately, Matt wasn’t alone. His service dog Raffe stayed by his side and comforted him.

In fact, Matt remembers two times when he completely gave up on life. both times Raffe jumped on him and wouldn’t let Matt up. You could say that Raffe saved Matt’s life.

Eventually, Matt realized he needed help if he was going to overcome PTSD. He decided to take Raffe and his horse, Buck on a ride across the country to raise money.

The trio was planned to walk more than 5,000 miles. The goal was to raise enough money to creat a ranch.The trio known as the “Three Amigos”

Matt hopes to offer a place for retired horses to live out their lives and a second chance for “death row dogs.” Raffy was originally sentenced to death for aggression, but with training he was able to adapt to normal society.

When the ranch is operational, Matt intends to offer these same opportunities to other dogs who have been rejected by society. Do you support veterans, love horses, or simply have a soft spot for rescue dogs? If any of these apply, it’s worth checking out Matt’s GoFundMe to learn the details of his dream Righteous Rescue Ranch.

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