“We adopted a very sick and pregnant cat — it turned out that we were mistaken!” Besya and Exy

Last year, we found a cat that was very thin, with a bunch of diseases: ear mites, a viral infection, stomatitis and watery eyes.

After examining the veterinarian, it turned out that the cat was pregnant, but since she was all sick, after treatment, both the cub and the reproductive organs would have to be removed. We treated her a little and brought her to the operation, during which it turned out that the cat had a huge cyst, and not a pregnancy!

Six months have passed, our Exsi has turned into a beauty, Everything is behind, she is healthy and happy.

Now we have two cats: We found Besya two years ago as a tiny kitten.

They became friends, but not immediately.

Besya is serious and loves to sleep, but Axi is restless and playful.

We love so much our beauties!

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