What happens if a cat meets her kitten after a few years: will the pets remember each other

Many people are interested to know what will happen if a cat meets her kitten after a few years! Is there a chance that the mother will remember the child and vice versa? Today we will figure it out.

              What will happen when a cat meets a kitten after many years: will they remember each other

When a cat gives birth to kittens, she immediately begins to take care of them and feed the babies. The cat, like a zealous mother, protects the children from dangers and is ready to protect them at any cost.

When the animal is separated from children, it begins to meow and runs around the house in search of babies, looking into every corner and into every room. When the cat gets used to the fact that she was left alone, she begins to live a normal life. Of course, little kittens are also sad for their mother and brothers and sisters, but if they get caring owners, then soon everything is forgotten.

But what if a cat and one of her babies meet after many years? Will they remember each other? No need to attribute human qualities to animals — their behavior is still more based on instincts. After some time, pets forget about each other, and sometimes they even perceive each other as rivals and may be at enmity.

If a kitten after born to the world remains to live with its mother, then usually the animals do not quarrel, but they also do not perceive each other as relatives. Nevertheless, it is highly likely that the cats will still live together.

But if the cats were apart for several years, and then met, then they can perceive each other enemy. In a word, everything will happen exactly the same as between two other, completely unfamiliar cats

However, the fact that cats forget about each other over time, probably for their own good. Otherwise, the animals would yearn for each other all their lives and could not become happy separately. Do you agree?

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