“When I walked to the altar, he lay down right on my veil and snored.” How a homeless dog turned a wedding upside down and found a home

A wedding is one of the most important moments in every person’s life. On this day, every girl dreams of everything going perfectly. Months of preparation, the perfect outfit, the smiles of loved ones… You stand at the altar, look into his eyes with bated breath and now the thing that you have been waiting for so long will happen : You will say “yes” to him.

But suddenly you realize something went wrong.

You turn around and see how peacefully snoring on your chic veil … a stray dog!

This funny incident took place in the town of Larañal Paulista (Brazil). On that rainy day, Marilia Pieroni and Mathej Gomis Martinis celebrated their wedding. Due to bad weather, the ceremony had to be held under a canopy and at the very moment when the guests had already begun to take their seats, a homeless dog entered the tent, hoping to hide from the flood.

The wedding planners kicked him back out on the street many times, but the dog kept coming back.

“We closed the door for him, and he climbed out the window! eyewitnesses recall. “No one could understand how this guy ended up at the ceremony again!”

And now, at the very moment when the bride had already walked to the altar, out of nowhere, the tramp appeared again, without a twinge of conscience, flopped right on the snow-white veil and fell asleep peacefully!»

The dog was next to the newlyweds all day, as if he knew that he needed to be there. He was fed and warmed, but at some point, he disappeared as quickly and without a trace as he appeared.

After the wedding, the couple couldn’t forget about this incident in any way.They had a strong feeling that the dog visited the most important day in their life for a reason. Therefore, the newlyweds organized a search for a homeless man, and in the end found him.

Now his name is Spot, he has a loving family and a cozy home. The dog very quickly got used to his new position and pays his rescuers with warmth and gratitude.

Sometimes fate throws us such funny situations so that we learn to believe in miracles and show mercy.

A homeless, dirty dog lying on my veil could disappoint anyone, but not me! Spot is the best thing that happened to us! He unwittingly witnessed the reunion of our hearts and now he will be the guardian of this love forever.

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