When the husband passed away, only the dog remained next to the grandmother, and supported her in grief.

This wonderful granny is already 85 years old and, despite the years, she is quite healthy and can afford to lead an active lifestyle.

She loves long walks and makes an effort to look neat and elegant. And the main stimulus for the life of a pensioner is the charming dog Sally, who became very attached to her.

They are simply inseparable always and everywhere. They sit on the balcony, watching people’s lives, and while the grandmother slowly drinks her tea, the pet enjoys the freshness of the morning age.

Then it’s time for a walk, which Sally just loves. She cheerfully wags her tail and asks for hugs, and she will certainly receive some goodies from her mistress.

The dog was presented to the grandmother by her grandchildren several years ago, and a special affection and love at first sight immediately arose between them.

And then a sad thing happened: the grandmother’s husband passed away and she was very bitter about the loss, because they had been together for almost 60 years and only thanks to Sally she was able to overcome all the bitterness of separation.

The pet distracted and entertained her, and the grandmother felt needed and that she was responsible for the animal, and the grief became much less acute.

Granny is still full of optimism and never ceases to enjoy every day, because at this age you are well aware that life is a real gift from God.

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