When the owners came for another dog, the dog stood at the aviary and cried that they were not taking him

The positive attitude of this dog really surprised me. When the dogs enter the temporary detention center, at first most of them sit in the corner of the enclosure and look around with a sad look. Mishutka, on the contrary, ran around the enclosure with interest, smiled and happily made contact with people, begging for attention and affection. Everything changed in just one day.

A family came to the trapping, who wanted to take home a dog. Dozens of animals immediately ran closer to the net, trying to catch people’s eyes. The dogs pushed and tried to get as close as possible to people, because guests are not often caught, and each of the pets so wants to leave this place with their new owners.

Mishutka was also very happy with the guest and began to make his way closer to the netting of the enclosure. He was smiling and wagging his tail, so people noticed him and asked him to open the enclosure.

Lena opened Mishutka and he joyfully rushed to meet people, but the joy was not mutual.

People petted the dog, but after that they said that they would take a completely different dog with them.

Mishutka’s gaze immediately filled with sadness, he slowly trudged to the corner of the enclosure and lay down, only occasionally glancing at the lucky dog, which was spinning at the feet of its new owners.

When people and their new pets went to the exit, Mishka jumped up and pressed his nose against the net of the enclosure, as if still believing that he could also be taken to a new home. The people left without even looking back at the dog, whose eyes were momentarily filled with hope. Tears flowed from Mishutka’s eyes, and his smile, which he gave people every day, from that day remained only in memories.

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