“Who knows where he came from?” — the family was perplexed, looking at the skinny puppy, which turned out to be under the porch of their summer house.

“Where did you come from, baby?!” — thought the whole family of Valentina Utsekhovskaya . And it all started when they arrived at the dacha, planning to relax and redo all the accumulated cases.

As soon as people entered the yard, they immediately realized that something was wrong. The fact is that pets did not live in their house, and in the yard it was heard whining either a dog or a puppy.

Valentina, together with her family, went in search of a source of crying, and soon a tiny puppy was found under the porch of the cottage. Where he came from remains a mystery!

The kid was painfully thin, and even scared. When Valya took a closer look at the baby, it turned out that it was a girl. The hungry baby was first fed, and then washed off the dirt. True, this had to be done in a basin, but, despite minor inconveniences, the baby began to look much better.

The baby was given the nickname Dink, deciding that nothing bad would happen if she lived in the country in the summer. And in the autumn, Valentina’s family did not want to part with the grown dog, and she left with the people in the city. The animal was taken to the veterinarian, where Dina was vaccinated and issued a dog passport.

Since then, Dinka has become the happiest dog in the world. Smart and incredibly playful pet is also very affectionate, so she quickly found the keys to the hearts of all family members.

Thanks to Valentina’s family for rescuing a lonely puppy and also for the fact that, unlike other summer residents, they did not leave the crumbs and took them to the city. May fate generously reward them for a good deed!

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