Why cats don’t like when someone touches their tail

Many owners notice that their cats are not at all enthusiastic about the fact that someone touches their tail. Sometimes even a light touch irritates the cat and makes him nervous.

If a person is very persistent, then the animal can generally get up and leave, proudly turning up his nose. Or even show what sharp claws he has.

Why cats don’t like when someone touches their tail

What is the reason for such behaviour? The fact is that the tail is a very important organ for every purr. With its hepl the cuties express their feelings and communicate with each other. And if you are an attentive owner, you probably noticed that certain movements of the tail can mean changes in the cat’s mood.

It is the tail that helps out in life-threatening situations, if the pet suddenly has to jump from a great height. It is used by puffballs to create a counterweight and nimble landing on the ground.In addition, the tail helps to maintain balance and it is thanks to him that they so deftly move along eaves and other dangerous areas without fear that they will fall.

The tail has a lot of nerve endings and more mobile vertebrae. When one of the people touches him, the cat feels discomfort, insecurity and confusion. She’s probably trying to keep her tail from getting hurt, and the best way to do that is to not let anyone touch it.

Now you know why some cats don’t like having their tail touched. Does your pet not allow you to do this either?

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