“Will you come to live with me?” the girl asked a skinny dog who was trying to sleep outside in the heavy rain

The dog’s grief was unlimited. A pet with a fragment of a carbine around its neck must have been domestic in a past life. Something just happened to her. Maybe the owner kicked her out? Or did you take it somewhere and leave it there? What was wrong with this poor fellow, one can only guess.

Maria Stepanova was walking home, dreaming of being warm as soon as possible and hiding from the heavy rain. And then she noticed that a dog was lying on the street, curled up. The poor thing was desperate to find a warm and dry place, so she tried to sleep right on the ground. Raindrops fell on her sad muzzle, and it seemed that she was crying. Maybe that’s how it was.

The girl felt so sorry for the mongrel that she came very close to her, and then, suddenly asked her: “Will you come to live with me ?”

The dog seemed to understand every word of Mary! She jumped to her feet, ready to follow her new mistress.

By the way, the girl, having found the remains of a carbine on the pet’s neck, tried to find her former owners, but to no avail. Masha was even happy about this, deciding that the second tail in the house would not hurt. The dog found in the rain was named Bella, and now she has become the best friend of the Giant Schnauzer, who appeared first in the girl.

Bella turned out to be an incredibly affectionate and understanding dog! She quickly got used to the new family and now lives a happy life full of treats and hugs.

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