Woman meets her old elephant friend..

Maliwan is an elephant and Marina is a human, but this didn’t stop the pair from forming a special bond of friendship when they met in Surin, Thailand.

Unfortunately, the two friends lost touch when Malivan’s owner began traveling the country with the giant pachyderm, offering elephant rides and showing the beautiful animal for a fee.

Malivan suffered a serious trunk injury, so his owner turned to the Save the Elephant Foundation to help nurse her back to health. Fortunately, she recovered well and regained full use of his trunk.

At Elephant Nature Park, Maliwan found a new home with new elephant friends. They play in the grassy areas, bathe in the cool river and enjoy delicious fruit feasts together.

She enjoys her newfound freedom. Although she still carries scars, she can eat, drink and hold objects like all other elephants.

Almost eight years after they first met, Marina returns to visit Maliwan in her new home. She sheds tears of overwhelming joy at seeing her friend so happy and loved.

What a beautiful testament to the bonds that can form between humans and animals! We hope Maliwan has a nice life with her new friends and her old friend Marina visits often.

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