Wonder of nature: Albino bat

Albinism isN’t a disease. It’s just that these animals do not have melanin in their bodies. This substance is responsible for the color. Albino-born animals are more likely to have white skin and fur, and are less common with pink skin. Like this cutest bat.

However, these animals have an unenviable fate. Among relatives, they are rather outcasts. During mating, they have no chance at all. There is a reason for this. Albinos often have poor immunity.

In addition, albinos always have poor hearing and poor eyesight. Who will choose such a couple for procreation?

Fortunately, more and more albinos fall into the hands of people where they live very well. The owner of the nursery sheltered an albino bat and now shows everyone this miracle of nature.

The flying dog has everything for a good life.It is hand-fed, walked and loved very much!

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