Years later, the she-bear recognized the man who had taken care of and raised her as a child. Her emotions are simply priceless.

There is a spacious wildlife care center in New York, and it was there that the cub of the bear Sonya somehow ended up. A man named Jonathan took up nursing Sonechka, who was involved in her upbringing, played, fed and even massaged her tummy, from which the baby was simply delighted.

However, then circumstances changed and Jonathan had to change his occupation and he could not come to the center for a long time, while Sonya became an adult, beautiful and healthy bear during this time.

A few years later, Jonathan decided to visit downtown and see how Sona was doing. And their meeting was incredibly touching. The center staff assures that they couldn’t contain their emotions at the sight of joy on both sides of the meeting.

Fortunately, we managed to capture a couple of shots from this incredible moment, which were later distributed on the sociale network. As it turned out, clubfoot can also be grateful and remember the people who once saved them for the rest of their lives.

From a large and formidable predator, Sonya became sweet, kind, cheerful and playful, just like in childhood, because with Jonathan it simply could not be otherwise.

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