“Yes, it’s her!” A woman recognized her pet thanks to a beer can

The number of homeless animals, unfortunately, is growing.So people come up with all sorts of ways to find owners for lonely cats and dogs. Recently, a brand of beer came up with a great idea:to put pictures of pets in need of a home on beer cans. To do this, the producers have partnered with Manatee County Animal Services.

Soon cute dog faces appeared on the beer cans. Success wasn’t late: some pets were «adopted» almost immediately. But no one even expected that a funny story would happen, which will soon become known to many people.

Among the dogs whose photos appeared on the cans was a pet named Day-Day. She was looking for a house, but it turned out that the dog has a mistress Monika Mathis. It turns out that the woman lost her pet three years ago when moving to another state. Monica discovered the pet only by pure chance and at first she could not believe her eyes. «Oh my God, that’s my dog!» she exclaimed in indescribable surprise.

Upon discovering the dog, Monica immediately contacted Manatee County Animal Services. She said that her pet is depicted on the jar. By the way, the real name of the dog is Hazel, and she has a microchip.

To disappear all doubts, the woman found evidence and provided it to the director of the shelter. There was no reason to desbelieve Monica: her photographs, as well as extracts from the veterinarian, confirmed that she was the owner of Hazel. The only reason why it was not immediately possible to find out was the outdated information on the microchip, which the hostess couldn’t update due to the move.

By the way, the dog ended up in Iowa, while Monica moved to Minnesota. Only a happy accident helped the hostess and the pet to meet. And also the human factor.The volunteers agreed to transport the pet from one state to another for free, so a happy meeting is just around the corner.

Well, thanks to everyone who helped Monica and Hazel find each other!

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