“You can’t save her, it’s better to put her to sleep.” But they managed to save a tiny life

The girl had a friend, a veterinarian, who had already given up and advised to put the cat to sleep, but she could not go for it. Many cats lived in her yard and kind people lived there, no one offended the animals and even fed them.

And then one day she found a very small, still blind cat. She was looking for his mother, but did not find it and had to take it home, although the apartment was rented and the owners would not be happy about it. And then the veterinarian said that the chances of surviving the animal are reduced to almost zero.

But the girl decided to fight. She diligently nursed the baby, feeding by the hour, even at night, massaged her tummy to get rid of colic, even made it. At night, she raised such a cry that adult cats ran away to another room.

The kitten was already three months old and almost fully recovered. The girl named him Tigrusha and found caring owners. She agreed with the owners during the transfer, be sure to return the kitty to her if she is no longer needed.

Six months later the girl saw the owner of the cat and Tigrusha himself on the threshold. She asked to hold Tigrusha and said that she could not handle it herself. She said the cat was taking too much time.

At the same time, the cat had a clear psychological injury. She began to panic fear of the sofa, although at one time she grew up on it. It was obvious that she was being beaten from behind the sofa. She was not going to part with Tigrusha anymore, and now she is a well-fed cat weighing seven kilos and absolutely healthy, despite the fact that he was advised to be euthanized.

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