The guy opened the door and laughed: his dog was sitting in front of the threshold, holding a towel in his mouth
Does your dog «fly» into the house with dirty paws after a walk? Then you definitely need to teach him good manners! Just like the hero of this
A baby has gone missing from a locked room! Parents urgently turned on the recording from the camera and found SOMETHING …
15 months ago, the long-awaited daughter was born in the family of Chris Cardinal and his wife. The girl grew up smart and active, especially since she had
The little kitten hardly breathed, lying on the ground.The girl took the baby in her arms and heard that his heart was barely audible beating …
Two years ago Marina Morskaya met her amazing and beloved cat. Then the pet was still a tiny kitten, which almost died. If was not his owner, the
The owners considered the dog not thoroughbred enough and simply left it to the mercy of fate
The nickname of this charming dog is Evie and until recently she was in the street, wandering along the roads until a tender-hearted man found her. She was
In the middle of the road,sat a weak kitten . He sobbed and barely audible squeaked, calling for help.
Tatyana Masko did not plan to have cats. She didn’t even think about bringing a pet into the house, she never found homeless kittens and puppies on the
The fishermen were going after their catch, but suddenly they heard a “cry” that was heard from the pit
Two fishermen went to catch, but that day they had to become participants in the rescue of a frightened dog. It isn’t known whether they caught at least
This raccoon was already on its last breath, because it was buried alive, but kind children managed to save the raccoon
Once, 14-year-old Dayton, together with his 12-year-old brother, returned to their Texas home after a walk.A couple of hours before evening, they went for a walk in the
Homeless and extremely cute pitbull never stops smiling after being rescued
If you are still subject to the stereotype that pit bulls are a dangerous and aggressive breed of dog, then you simply do not know the hero of
Street dog cried with joy when a woman shared a sausage with him.
Footage of a street puppy crying after being fed by a kind woman has gone viral, and millions of users have launched a campaign to finally find a
A cry was heard from the log. Lonely and blind kitten called for his mother, who never came.
A girl named Morgan McKenzie was walking outside her Delaware home when she heard some soft sobs coming from a hole in a log.It turns out that a
About the Faith, against which the disease was powerless
In this state, on July 17, this dog was brought for treatment to the hospital of the Evpatoria Animal Assistance Fund “From Heart to Heart”. How did she
The child brought a trembling puppy from the street, and the mother could not drive him away.
Yana has always considered herself a cat lady. In her life there were always meows, which the girl very often picked up from the street and brought home.
The man found a small kitten in the grass, but later it turned out that the baby was not a cat at all!
Last month, a young Canadian from Quebec named Matthew Patry had an unusual story: a man discovered a gray kitten in the dense forests. Matthew thought it was
Dog adopts orphaned monkey after humans poisoned his mother.
Monkeys in India are not the most beloved animals and they often suffer due to human cruelty.A huge number of them live there and they often cause damage
The mother deer heard the cry of the baby and immediately ran to the rescue.
A touching video about how a mother tries to calm her baby and a deer rushed to help from the forest gained almost 30 million views, which is

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