The cat fed only on sweets for 3 weeks while traveling from Ukraine to Israel
Look at that! The cat secretly entered the candy truck and left Ukraine for Israel! The cat used to live in Odessa. One day, chasing an incomprehensible goal,
A deaf young man adopted a deaf dog that no one wanted to take from a shelter and taught him commands
Two years ago, during the winter, the website of an American shelter in Maine recorded a tiny black Labrador retriever. He was picked up by animal rights activists,
The dog could not watch with indifference how the baby was trying to crawl up to her, so she approached herself.
How pleasant it is to sit in cozy evenings and remember the pranks of your children, their first steps, first words … Sometimes, due to the fact that
Ferret drags the man’s hand to the box to show off her cute babies.
Someone keeps cats and dogs, someone — more exotic animals. For example, a ferret lives in this house — charming and very cute. You might think that keeping
The sad dog from the shelter was adopted by a kind family, and from the first minute he began to establish his own rules in the house.
Nina Neverova shared with us a story about her beloved dog, which her family adopted from a shelter. Since then, people’s lives have completely changed, because their little
The dog’s heart was bursting with pain. The kid was betrayed by the owners, leaving him in a deserted area
Sara Nisevich believed that one dog in the house was enough. But about a week ago I realized that she still has a place for another pet. The
The man walked around the enclosures for overexposure and could not hide his emotions — he hugged each dog
The girl Inna jokingly calls herself a zoom mom, because she simply loves animals and constantly feeds street pets, and most importantly, she tries to accommodate them. She
A girl saved a street kitten on the side of the road, but he was not at all what he seemed
There are many people who are very fond of animals and, after helping a homeless creature, they become so attached to him that he becomes, in fact, a
This little abandօned kitten was able tօ survive thanks to bulldօgs
This baby was only two days old and had already been thrown out into the street, alone and defenseless. However, the kid was lucky, and he not only
Lonely dog finally finds solace in this baby and together they grow up
This puppy was abandoned as a baby and he was inconsolable, but the meeting with the baby changed everything and they became best friends. They grew up together
The owners left the cat when they moved to the city from the countryside. He waited for them there for 4 years and did not want to leave.
For four long years, a cat named Boris wandered along the village roads and waited for his owners to come for him, because they once loved him. But
Toody is the smallest dog in the world?
He is only 10 weeks old, not much bigger than an apple, and weighs only 300 grams. Meet Toody, a Chihuahua from Wroclaw, who is probably the smallest
This dog was rescued from illegal dog fighting and is now a firefighter’s helper.
The dog, nicknamed Hansel, was saved from participation in dog fights, which were held illegally. Now he helps firefighters put out fires. Hansell was seven months old when
A woman rescued a saber-toothed squirrel. Everyone, considering him a monster, did not care.
Poor squirrel, how did it happen? What happened to it? For the first time, Jeanette Talbot saw this squirrel in a tree near her house. The woman lives
For the owner of the Alabai, it remained a mystery why his dog refuses to sleep in the booth
Yuri ran a tourist base that adjoined the Chumash River in the Kemerovo region. He lived there in the company of a faithful and beloved dog and a

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