The man helped the dog whose had left under the ridje
One Sunday morning a man named John Xolter went to the market to uy sweets ut the shop was surprizingly closed. Seeing the shop was closed she went
The owners did not gave the dog to eat and always hurmmed him and he found a new family
It is very interesting why people took a pet if they are not good with them arent feed and care of them. The owners of this dog did
The dog had a bad decease and was always as a little puppy but
Looking at the dog Reidjer you  can think that  it is a little puppy ut it is not so.She is already four years old but he does not
TV presenter saved the wild swan
For the new TV programme the man went to the swam nursery located in the  UK. The man was cold Riki Swane.That was a surprise for the people
Every morning that cat was running in the street and waited love from people
It is very few that people pay attention to the street people .All hurry to their work and never pay attention to the fellows who want care and
The goose helped the little puppy under his wings
It is well known statement there are not cheldren of others.Not only people but also animals think so.Th mothers instinct help all of us to do the best
The dog hided in the boots before until the man took him out
It is already many years tha man takes care to a little homeless dogs but this is a wonderful one . During his walking he turned to the
The best friend of the dog who was frightened
The best peinter Nohra was out of luck.The owners took away the volunteers to save the animals .The animal did not appeared to the any person. The only
These people lived 28 years with the bear the wild animal at the same home
Husband Yuri and the wife Svetlana lived at the same house 28 years with the bear. The baby bear became orphan becouse of the hunters who hunted his
Atrer volunteering this girl saved many cheetahs lifes from the rich people
Tookie is a girl of thirty two she is a friend of unusual animals.She lives in Backinham.Many years ago she works  as a wolunteer in the cheetahs reservation.They
Brutal trucker cried from his happiness when he found the cat whome he lost years ago
The trucker had a very  unreal friend who went everywhere with the man.It was the cat named Esh.Years ago the cat ran from the truck and went away
Mother bear turned to her to remove the splinter fro the cubs pow
It is very difficult to trust this story but anyways let us to tell it to you. One bright morning the girl wake up dressed and decided to
The dog was betryaed and unhappy becouse of it
There was time when he was the only pet of Sarah Nicshey but much time later she took a chanse and had more dogs. One day when she
The carmakers made a very good place for the homeless dogs to live there
This story is a very wonderful one and it will really take his plse in your inner world. Workers of bus station gave a place to the homeless
Somebody threw the dog in the well and very frightening but very friendly cogra saved it
The dogs were thrown in the well and there started being friends with cruel very frightening cobra who was two metres.When two men saw that they were very

Best Friends