The picture of unhealthy kitten make am influence on everybody but nobody helped him but only a girl
At first we look at the picture and did not understand anything we only see that it ia a poor one but when we see the heads the
The shelter puppy cried when he saw the man standing near him
All animals were very sad when they saw a person from outside of shelter .As  they  thought that a person went to took him but when they anderstood
The dog could not feed the cubs thats why asked for help to the people
The couple were driving in the street when they saw the little dog  who at first afraid of them thena little  came across their car and asked for
The girl took the very ubnormal cat to their house and very soon it was changed as nobody could recognize it
This girl can not be indifferent with the pet which are in the street and need a help of a person.Not very long ago she found such kind
The girl saved the dog from the pet shop who wanted love and care but nobody loved her
The story of a big dog and his owners started in the yard of a big storey building where a big dog wanted to harm the little one
The dog asked for the help becouse his owners left him alone in the forest
The poor dog lived very long and very safe and happy until his owners left him in the  rubbish box . He stayed there not very long and
The man warmed the frozen cat who was a very strange animal
This story happened with a man named Makhab his son Alister and son’s friend peter.they were walking in the park of Kengorm and noticed the cat who was
The pet whose owner died three years ago stayed near the grave of his those three years
This story is about the frankness and the betraying of our best friends that are pets.When the owner of this pet died he did not have a place
The dog started blowing up and the owner could not find the reason
The owner Fren Jeniks thought that his pet started get a weight but did not know why . Few times lago it was a very beautiful dog but

Best Friends