51-year-old grandmother increased her biceps by 43 cm. Despite her age, she was a successful bodybuilder

Meet Robin, who is already 51 years old grandmother.

She is a great example of how a woman can follow her own goals and beliefs instead of taking care of her grandchildren.

She is considered an iron lady over 50.

The heroine of this story lives a different lifestyle than her peers.

She is unique in all her appearance, in her hobbies and in the way she dresses.

Iron Woman has been fond of sports since childhood.

During her school years, she tried running, volleyball and other sports.

Then, she was obsessed with bodybuilding when she was in high school.

So, she started her career after graduation by participating in local and international championships.

For now, the strong-willed woman continues to succeed in her favorite field.

Thus, she shows his professionalism developed over the years.

She had 2 daughters, and in fact, sports helped her much to rebuild her body shape.

And, as we see, she is still in love with her favorite profession.

The love for sports was so great that she managed to be a good mother to her daughters and to be an energetic and experienced athlete.

Robin also is a grandmother of three naughty grandchildren, with whom she spends most of her spare time.

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