90-year-old neighbor comes to say goodbye to the dying dog to his best friend

A 90-year-old man had to say goodbye to his neighbor’s dog whom he loved so much.

The man adored his four-legged companion. hey have been close friends for a long time. The man always treated her to cookies. The doggie has been happy and excited to meet his friend.

Surely this person will miss the wonderful creature.

The owner of the friendly animal allowed him to keep in touch with them and visit his dog.

The dying creature was so happy to see her best friend for the last time. When the retired neighbor came to his friend, the dog wag its tail for joy. She kind of greeted her friend.

The dog spent the last hours of her life lying on the grass next to his family. When the old friend visits her, he doesn’t hesitate to kneel down despite his age. He rubs her belly, gives the dog one last hug, showing his love.

Since the dog is unable to stand up, it shows its gratitude by looking at the old man with happy eyes.

The man then offers water from his hands. His friend licks the water from the man’s palm.

These seconds are both touching and heartbreaking.

This is what pure love and friendship look like.

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