A cat that lives with three dogs in the same house thinks she is also a dog

They live like a cat and a dog. they say for a reason. Usually, these two animals living in the same area are in a constant war for its separation.

And they differ dramatically in their life position. If a cat walking on its own considers itself its owner, then for a dog God is its owner.

Living in the same house with a cat and a dog is a big risk. It is true, sometimes, if the puppy and the kitten have been raised together since birth, then the situation changes.

After all, at that time pets perceive each other as playmates. But this does not always happen. But, there are exceptions.

An example is a Japanese family who already had three Shiba Inu dogs in their house, and also managed to get a cat.

Well, they really wanted a Briton to live with them.

It turned out that Kiki unexpectedly joined the ranks of dogs, feeling like an absolutely equal member of their community. The kitty plays with them, sleeps, walks.

She feels like a dog with all her habits and hobbies. Would you like to have a cat that behaves like a dog?

Look at these photos. This team is filled only with Kiki.

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