A couple built a snow maze for 20 stray dogs they rescued and adopted

Chris Hughes and his wife Maria took care of two dozen stray dogs. Of course, this is a rather difficult task, but the spouses are doing well. They have established a home shelter for elderly animals and now have twenty-one dogs in their care.

There are dogs of various breeds, characters and behavior. Among dogs, there are both best friends and enemies. Despite all their differences, the animals live quite peacefully under one roof.

The Hughes not only feed and care for the dogs, but also arrange entertainment for them.

This winter was quite snowy, and Chris decided to clear a place for dog walking. In the process of work, he came up with the idea to dig a real snow labyrinth in the yard.

The dogs were delighted with the new entertainment.They ran one after another through the labyrinth and dug their way through. A video of the Hughes family wards having fun in the yard went viral and became very popular.

It’s such a praiseworthy job to save so many dogs and manage to feed them every day. Thanks to these people, poor animals do not remain homeless and hopeless, but enjoy every moment of life.

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