A giant mastiff watches over the girls every day until the school bus arrives

When a dog joins a family with children, it is not uncommon for them to protect those children at the cost of their lives.

That is why the English Mastiff Gordon acts as a guard dog for two little girls in his family.

In fact, he is their bodyguard. Every day when the girls wait for the school bus to pick them up, he watches after them.

Gordon stands at the bus stop with the girls until he sees them getting on the bus safely.

He returns inside as soon as the school bus leaves. Gordon takes his job as a guard dog very seriously.

A video was filmed and posted online of a dog on guard duty, and it shows the mastiff literally looking exactly like the bodyguard.

He doesn’t lie down in the driveway. Instead, he stands tall so he can be alert as he watches the girls get onto the bus.

A video of Gordon doing his morning babysitting duties at a bus stop has been viewed over 504,400 times on the RM Videos YouTube page.

Gordon’s behavior might not be as typical as other dogs, but dogs are known to be protective of their people.

Especially the younger ones.

“Dogs are social creatures and therefore bond tightly with their human pack,” Shelby Semel, a canine expert and dog trainer, told Romper.

Dogs also have a hierarchy in their packs.Thus, dogs see babies and children as smaller or weaker members of the pack.

This makes them instinctively watch over these pack members and protect them.

But this isn’t the case for all dogs. It depends on their individual characteristics. Some breeds are more protective than others, while others may not care for children.

But it’s clear that Gordon is one of those protective dogs.

The American Kennel Club says mastiffs are affectionate, good with young children, and good with other dogs.

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