A grateful donkey can’t stop smiling after being saved from drowning in flood by a rescue team

What a pity that animals can’t talk like we humans do. Intellectually, they cannot be compared with humans, but these creatures also have feelings.This story shows how grateful a donkey can be.

The poor animal was found in severe flooding. The donkey was drowning and fighting for its life.

Many of us never think about the fact that during a flood, rescuers first save human lives, and then, if there is a chance, they save animals.They always remain in danger and may even die.

In these cases, every second is priceless.Fortunately, there are situations when rescuers manage to save both people and animals.

The donkey we tell about is one of those lucky animals that was rescued during a flood.

Thanks to the loving hostess, the rescue team arrived in time and saved the poor thing.The rescue operation comes with many risks, but the rescue team did their best to help the animal stay alive.

In the end, all the dangers and efforts were paid off when the adorable animal smiled for a long time. People gathered there to save the donkey needed nothing but that grateful face expression!

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