A kind-hearted woman went to the village to take care of a hundred stray dogs

When friends laughed at her and said that four-legged friends are the kindest creatures in the world,she always remembered how her grandmother, in order to discourage her little granddaughter from the yard dogs, invented a terrible story for the girl.

She assured them that it was enough to stroke the dog to contract rabies or pick up some other infection.

And suddenly our heroine completely changes her life, devotes herself to creating a shelter, where she collects sick and homeless dogs. As it turned out that everything was not so spontaneous.

For a long time, the girl first donated money to various animal shelters. Later, she decided to help those who took pictures of dogs, posted pictures on the Internet.

Suddenly awakened love for animals was unstoppable. The girl very soon got herself a dog, then two more. A few months later, she already had 7 dogs.

And then life sent her a test. Unfortunately, our heroine was left without work. After much deliberation and consultation with her husband, she decided to move out of town to the house left by her grandparents.

It was also important to do this because it was very difficult to keep the number of dogs in the family in an apartment, and outside the city there is more space and opportunities.

Within a few months, the number of dogs tripled. The couple did not stop any longer, they took everyone they found.

As a result, after a year and a half, they nursed 100 dogs. Among them were animals that did not see or hear anything, dogs with broken paws. Yes, what diseases they did not have!

The girl turned to the Internet and found herself a remote job. Now she can take care of the dogs and at the same time earn money to keep them, because a hundred sick but hungry animals need to be fed every day.

The girl and her husband are optimistic about the future, they are not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, they want to continue to help animals further.

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