A kind man left his belongings during the flood to save the neighbor’s puppies

This story only once again proves the fact that clothes or other things can always be bought. And any money can always be earned if desired. But it is not possible to bring back the already lost life, no matter how much we want it.

Everything happened in the USA. In this country, some states and cities suffer from floods from time to time. Of course, many people are already used to such weather conditions and have even thought of ways to protect themselves.

But the animals are practically powerless in this case.

Once, during one of the floods, a man heard plaintive squeaks. It turned out that his neighbor left more than one puppy in his house and just left.

Since there was little time left, the hero of the video simply decided to inflate his mattress and use it to help the puppies not to drown or get hurt.

He took them to his car and decided that the animals would definitely be safe there. Of course, not without eyewitnesses.

Everything that happened was caught on camera, and the video itself quickly spread on the Internet.Needless to say, the locals now consider this man a true hero.

After all, not every person can forget about their own material wealth for the sake of saving others.

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