A kindhearted police officer wins respect on the Internet after rescuing cute baby squirrels

One day, this caring cop recently spotted a scene on the side of the road while driving through a prolonged traffic jam on the street.

Our kind hero, Andre LaVote, noticed and ran from the car to save the two cute little squirrels.

The good policeman could not remain indifferent as soon as he noticed them all alone and almost reaching the hard road.

So, he did not hesitate to return them as soon as possible.

He found their nest nearby in one of the trees in front of the wide highway.

The kind young man tried to settle the charming little animals in their nest.

Hoping that their mother would come back and find them, he carefully went back to his car.

However, much to his surprise, his new little furry friends refused to leave their hero alone.

How could Andre turn and leave when they wanted to play in his warm arms and shoulders?

So he let them climb in and play with him for a while and only returned them to the nest after they had gone to sleep.

This time, after the cute photos appeared on social networks, hundreds of users admired the heroic act of the young policeman.

They wrote warm comments and thanked the generous man for saving the sweet babies.

Indeed, it is not common to see such sincere and attentive people.

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