A lady vowed that his sad eyed days among the trash were over

In poor areas infested with homeless animals, people often don’t notice homeless animals too poor to take care of themselves.

They don’t have the resources to help, but in this case, a kind person who walked by a puppy in need posted a picture of him online and begged for help.

DAR Animal Rescue saw the post and drove straight over. The puppy was living in a pile of trash beneath a park bench. He slept on dirt and garbage. He was dirty, cold and scared.

When the founder of DAR arrived, he looked up at her. He rumbled a little and then whimpered. His cries were heartbreaking. The puppy knew he needed help, but wasn’t sure Ermioni was going to provide it.

Ermioni put the camera down so we could see her approach the little. She held out her hand, hoping it would calm him down. Luckily, the puppy was receptive to her touch. She pet his little head to calm him down.

The skinny puppy tried to get up, but it was hard to move. This scared Ermioni. The good woman took a blanket from her car. She wrapped the puppy up and took her back to her car. The baby needed medical intervention and it couldn’t wait.

The pup was taken to the vet clinic. He was covered in ticks and very thin. The goal of the rescue team was to make the puppy as healthy as possible and pray that he finds a permanent home. If no one put up the post on social media, who knows what would have happened.

While we all hope to do more, doing nothing can cost homeless animals their lives. Watch the video below to see the rescue of the puppy.

Thank you DAR Animal Rescue for never giving up!


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