A man cradles the face of a broken dog and promises never to give it up

Mildred is unlucky in life. When she was first brought to the Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center, all her bones were showing, and she could barely stand. But Millie refused to give up. And did she know that soon a wonderful person would take her in his arms and promise his lifelong support.

Lee Asher is the founder of The Asher House, a non-profit shelter located on the grounds of his home in Flyover, Oregon. Asher rescues and rehabilitates broken dogs. Those that have been abandoned, neglected, abused, and forgotten. Dogs love sweet Mildred.

Asher is active on social media and documents all of his rescues, as well as the daily lives of many of his hideout’s permanent residents.
In the video, taken the day he brought Milly home from the vet, the mastiff can be seen slowly shuffling towards Usher on weak, unsteady legs. Although a giant breed dog that should weigh about 130 pounds, Mildred weighed in at just 70.

Her eyes are crusted over, and her head hangs low as she walks shyly into Asher’s outstretched arms. You can tell that she is nervous, but at the same time full of hope. She has not given up on life and love yet.

Asher leads Mildred to his car, where his other two rescue dogs greet her warmly. The dog is not scared at all. In fact, the video shows her taking quite a nap between her new canine friends as Usher’s car carries her to her new life.

At The Asher House, several dogs run to meet the newest arrival. Millie takes it easy as they sniff her all over. She even wags her tail as Asher leads the group on a short walk. But it’s clear that Mildred has a lot of healing to do as her back end becomes unsteady and gives out on her.

After eating, Millie cuddles up next to resident pup, PomPoms for a well-earned nap.

The next time we see Mildred, it’s been two months. Her ribs are still visible, but she is stronger and healthier. According to Asher, she weighs up to 100 pounds and gaining more every day. Her walk is much steadier, and she even runs after Asher’s ATV with the other pups! She also enjoys swimming and paddle boarding with her adoring dad.

It’s truly amazing how a little TLC can transform a dog’s entire world. We are so grateful to Asher for his kind heart and life-changing work with animals. Follow him on Instagram for updates on Mildred and the entire pack!

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