A mother dog is depressed after losing her newborns until rescuers bring in 6 more orphaned puppies

This sweet dog was abandoned by her owners when she was only 3 years old. When the rescuers take her, it turned out Blossom was pregnant with her own puppies.

In fact, Blossom had a health problem. It was only after giving birth to the babies she carried inside and feeding them that the dog could receive treatment.

When Blossom finally had the babies, only one of them was able to survive. The dog was desperate, she became depressed and even refused to eat and drink water.

The staff that took care of her was afraid about Blossom’s life.Fortunately, things changed dramatically when one of the workers offered to bring six orphaned puppies to Blossom and let her take care of them.

The pups were just born and in need of a mother. The poor dog immediately adopted them and started feeding the puppies.

Thanks to this kind-hearted dog, six puppies were able to survive and subsequently be adopted by people.

Blossom is a great example for all of us. She teaches that the best way to be healed is to help others in need!

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