A panda cub settles down on its mother’s belly, enjoying its sweet childhood

Most pandas seem to touch small animals, and this is true, but almost everyone is unaware of how they really live.

For example, such a complex issue as caring for offspring — a unique video was recently sent from the Center for the Study and Research of Pandas in Chengdu.

It probably shows the process of putting a baby to sleep by a mother for the first time for the general public.It turns out that they have their own technique.

Pandas are very small at birth, so the baby has not been shown to the press for several months, literally nothing to see.And now that he has grown up and become a charming toy, there are more people with cameras.

And they were able to capture an incredibly sweet and heartwarming video of big Chen Pa moving his belly to soothe the cub. Who would have thought pandas could do this?

You can clearly see how Chen Da leans on the grate with one paw, but the upper ones are folded, the young Chen Feng keeps on his mother’s stomach only by sticking to the fur.

However, this still does not prevent the panda mother from napping and rocking the baby. Children should sleep well.

In fact, Chen Feng has a twin sister, but she was born as a baby and the doctors fought for her life for a long time.Today she is out of danger, but the panda cub is not given to her mother, in order to avoid risks.

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