A smart young man touchingly said goodbye to his adult dog, who was about to cross her rainbow bridge

The loss of a beloved pet is hard at any stage.

However, it is even harder when a young man loses it.

Unfortunately, the family of Mary Henry Gay has recently faced such an unpleasant situation.

Their lives changed after they learned that their beloved dog named Buffy got sick.

So, he had kidney dysfunction and soon crossed his rainbow bridge.

The woman was forced to inform her son about this.

Robbie was aware of his pet’s illness and posted smart animal content.

He shared that he was shocked for a while as the diagnosis was unexpected and unwelcome.

The caring boy touchingly said goodbye to his beloved senior pet.

He cried for an hour, then stood up and softly said goodbye to his Buffy, as if he had to do the right thing.

Their farewell was so impressive after such a close and trusting relationship together.

Although it was hard for him, he accepted the fact that they should let her go.

As Gay mentioned, this wasn’t the first time they had adopted older dogs in the past.

That is why the young boy was able to understand and accept the situation so cleverly.

The woman explained that although their son was so attached to his pets, he had the understanding to say goodbye to them.

So, she immediately rushed to his school to gently break the news to him, knowing that he would accept the situation.

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