A talented 90-year-old grandmother is the author of these masterpieces.She draws on the walls of houses

With a certain desire, any ordinary thing or place will turn into an incredible and creative one.

It is especially nice to see something unusual and aesthetic after a cold winter, when nature begins to awaken.

This is a real story that takes place in the small village of Luka, located in the Czech Republic.

This wonderful fairy tale, created by a talented elderly woman, enters into the daily life of the villagers.

There was so much positivity and aesthetics in her that she decided to turn her homeland into a piece of paradise with national flavor.

Recently, the gifted woman celebrated her 90th birthday.

This impressive artist has painted on the walls of her native village for over 40 years.

An elderly woman, Anezka Kashparkova, began her activity in early spring and continued to do this work until the end of the summer.

She unconditionally works, and devotes her free time to her favorite creative hobby.

Due to her unusual but beautiful activities, she became very popular in her country.

Everyone in the small village admires her works of art, which come to her mind right on the spot.

She admits that there are not two wall prints identical to each other: each painting is unique in its own way.

She claims that living in a colorful and aesthetic environment helps a person stay positive and live easier and happier.

Her artworks are a real example, which makes the village bright and dreamy.

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