Adorable plush babysitters.Baby Theo is always surrounded with love and care

Some people think it’s out of the question to let children grow up with animals. And others specifically take dogs to teach their children friendship, care and love.

Despite his 6 months, Theo not only confidently poses in the photo, but also does it with pleasure.

The baby is constantly looked after by his wonderful nannies. These are not teddy bears, as it might seem at first glance. These are cute Goldendoodle dogs.

More than 700 thousand people have already subscribed to this interesting page. The baby’s mother regularly shares family photos of Theo surrounded by her favorite babysitters.

Needless to say, the dogs are very friendly towards the child.Theo is a curious child.

Plush nannies take care of him and help him make sense of the world, protecting him from dangerous situations.

It’s really hard to get enough of these pictures. The baby and his guards are so adorable and sweet that it’s impossible not to smile at them.They look like cartoon characters. Indeed, it’s a good idea to think about making something out of this beauty.

From childhood, Theo knows what true friendship is. He is surrounded by the best buddies!

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