After $400 vet appointment the man learns his lame dog was just copying him out of sympathy

We are always deeply concerned when our animal friends appear to be unwell or injured.

When our companions appear to be sick or injured, we are very concerned and want to get them to a veterinary clinic as soon as possible.

However, a man was very worried about his dog, but realized his dog was more worried about him.

Russell, broke his leg a year ago. He is now in plaster and walks around with canes on crutches.

But her 8-year-old dog, Billy, suddenly went lame.

Therefore, Russell thought his dog’s paw had a defect, so he took Billy to the vet the next day and had to pay over £300, or $400, for x-rays.

But nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Russell said he got home fine and when he came out they found nothing wrong.

Later, Russell’s wife, Michelle, found that the dog had hopped around the yard while Russell was away.

She then discovers the truth: Billy pretends to hobble next to Russell because he appreciates that the latter walks with crutches.

This is a great way to show sympathy and love for the dog.

When his owner couldn’t move around as usual, Billy decided to limp in solidarity.

Health costs may be high, but Billy is a really cute dog.

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