After several months of separation, the elderly deaf dog was glad to meet his military again

Dogs are probably the most loyal and intuitive creatures.

You can enjoy their company forever because they will love and be devoted to you forever.

Especially with their sharp smell, they never forget their man in any situation of life.And they are overjoyed to see their owners after a long separation.

It is so precious and heartwarming to see people reunite with these beautiful creatures, especially when they have not been able to enjoy their company for a long time.

So this young woman waited so long to get home to see her older dog again.

For her, this is the most beautiful feeling and the most touching moment of all time.

One day, Army Private Hannah Foraker went on a 10-week training course.It was her first program and she spent several months away from home on it.

As Hanna said, it was a great experience for her because he had never been away from her home and wonderful people before.

She added that it helped her to appreciate the small details and moments of life.

However, Buddy, this 13-year-old doggo missed his human very much.

They grew up together and had a long life.

Even though it was hard for her, she gave him a big hug, said goodbye to Buddy, and left the family.

So, it’s time to return for spending holidays with family.

Buddy was waiting for her, and he was one of those who was very happy to have her back, as if he wanted to be as close to her as possible.

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