An abandoned bear cub was rescued, raised and transferred to a wildlife zoo in Poland

Mothers are givers of life. And after giving life they protect us and help us to grow up. Unfortunately, there are those among them who have no feelings. In the case of this tiny cub, her mother abandoned the baby bear and left her all alone.

As we know, most animals need mothers until they grow up because it is difficult to survive in a forest full of predators. So this cub was lucky to be noticed by a man that soon alerted the forester.

As they followed the exhausted and hungry cub, they realized that her mother had neglected her. Soon the cub was taken to the “State Forests” organization.

Then two-month-old Sisna was transferred to an animal rehabilitation center. Here the cub received all the necessary medical care.

It was a joy for the doctors to see that the girl was getting better. She was no longer afraid of people.

Everyone thought that the cub would be released back to the wild. But the best solution for the cute baby was to take her to the zoo.

One of the doctors was crying for the baby girl, promising to build a center for wild animals to prevent them from being taken to zoos.

Luckily, Cisna is doing well at the zoo. She has already made a friend with the dog Bari.

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