An obese old dog abandoned on the highway has found a home

In early 2021, someone abandoned a 15-year-old Australian Shepherd dog on the side of the highway. The poor old dog was very overweight and covered with maggots. She didn’t understand why she was alone.

Animal rescue organizations did everything to cure her and find her a home.Although many adoptive parents did not notice her due to her age, one kind person decided to help her. Now the once sickly dog lives in her new home. She would never have to feel lonely again.

Someone spotted a dog named Squirrels roaming the highway in Michigan. They called the Saginaw Police Department, which took Belky to the Saginaw County Animal Care Center (SCACC). Rescuers took the dog to the veterinary clinic for a medical examination.

After treating the dog for maggots and putting him on a diet, SCAC transferred Belk to the Midland County Animal Welfare Society. They took care of her until she found her loving family.
Belky prepared for adoption by dropping a few kilograms. The BISSELL Pet Foundation sponsored a special «Empty Shelters» adoption campaign in which an elderly dog ​​bonded with its adoptive parents,

Brianna noticed Belky in a photo posted on Facebook, and immediately fell in love with her. When she met Belky in person, it only confirmed that they were perfect for each other. Brianne adopted an old dog, giving her the home she deserves.

«I know that older dogs are more difficult to accept, because everyone needs puppies who will be with them for a long time. And because of her need for medicines, it will be even more difficult for her to find a home,» Brianna said. «I was so lucky the next day when I had time to go to the shelter and she was still there.»

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