Boy who spent 11 years in foster care doesn’t believe couple want to adopt him

13-year-old Alex lived in 15 different foster families, so he was not sure that he would ever find a home for life.Then he met a sweet couple who didn’t want to let him go.

Children deserve a happy childhood filled with play, fun and love.

Unfortunately, some children gradually lose their energy and vivacity.They begin to withdraw from everyone and eventually succumb to sadness.

This is a sad reality for many children in the foster care system who don’t necessarily get the joyful childhood they deserve.

From being neglected and abused to losing their families, these children are waging an invisible war within their hearts.

More than 400,000 children are in foster care in the US alone, according to a study last year in 2019.

Each child is waiting to belong to a family that they could call their own.

A boy named Alex had spent most of his life in foster care. For 11 long years, the 13-year-old had been with 15 different foster families.
In the process, Alex was able to limit himself from feeling attached.

It’s hard to imagine how difficult that would be.

This child wanted to belong, he wanted to share his heart, his love for his family, but in a couple of weeks he would be moving to another home.

Back in 2017, couple Jenny and Stephen Madcourt saw a clip from Jeff Gianola’s Wednesday, where they saw Alex.

They felt something different about this child. They wanted to know more about Alex.

Each child in the foster care system wishes to belong.

They may show that they are insensitive, distant, or even angry at this world, but deep down, these children just want to be loved.

The Mudcours felt they needed to do something when they learned about the shortage of foster families in their area.

They wanted to help, and they wanted to open their home and foster an older child.It was the perfect plan because they have an extra bedroom in their home.

They never expected to fall in love with their first adopted child and want to adopt him.

They knew Alex was theirs. Their bond was so strong that they never wanted to let him go.

They processed his adoption papers and now, they are one big happy family.

Now, Alex can be himself again. Never afraid to smile, to open up his heart, and to share the love that he has to give.

Let’s hope this touching story inspires more people to consider fostering or adopting so more kids can have the happy childhood they deserve.

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