Drunk man takes stray dog ​​home, takes care of it and makes it a social media sensation

There are many stories about dogs rescued from the streets. And often people with a good heart take them to shelters or adopt poor animals.

But when a drunk man decided to take a stray dog home, is something new.

The meeting of Boom and Mu Ta was fate. One day when Boom went for a dinner with his friend, he drank enough to bet taking a stray dog his home.

He really did it. His friend filmed the drunk Boom putting the dog in his car. The next day, when Boom woke up, he was shocked to see a street dog in his house.

He couldn’t remember bring a street animal home. Later his friend reminded him about his bet and showed the video.

Boom thought he stole the dog from the restaurant. But when he wanted to return the dog back, the restaurant staff told him that she is a street dog.

Then Boom decided to take the puppy home. He bathed the poor thing, give her food and a place to sleep.

Now they have a special relationship. Boom treats Moo Ta like the dog is his daughter. He likes to buy clothes and jewelry for his dog.

These two are now famous on Facebook and have over 100k followers.

Moo Ta is always ready to show her followers beautiful and new looks.

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