Finally managed to photograph a hummingbird with a fiery throat in a very close-up

I love professional photographers. They take it upon themselves to introduce us to all the animals and birds we have never seen

Their photographs create in us images of birds and animals that we will not see in everyday life. In a sentence, it’s up to them how we will perceive nature and its inhabitants.

Jess Findlay is a dedicated photographer that captured these amazing pictures of a fiery-throated hummingbird in Costa Rica. This is what she had to go through in order to make these wonderful snaps.

Several hummingbirds were visiting a nectar feeder. Because of hunger, they quarreled over nectar. It was obvious that at least one of them would be transferred to the nearest branch.

So Jess waited near the branch for a couple of hours and finally saw the result. She was right in predicting the situation. Soon she was able to take pictures using a telephoto lens.

In fact, she also had to wait for the right position of the bird. All the beauty of these creatures is visible only when they pose at the right angle.

So let’s appreciate the efforts of Jess and other photographers who are willing to go through the trouble to provide us with a full color spectrum of nature’s inhabitants.

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