Foster father refuses to euthanize puppy born without front legs and decides to give him a second chance

Puppy Nobby was born without front legs. The poor pup was only four hours old when the vet said it would probably be best to euthanize him.

However, the owner of Nubby made a decisive decision.

Nobby was born without front legs, and it was difficult for him to get to his mother to feed him. His mother accepted him, but Nubby’s siblings pushed him away so that he couldn’t eat.

Besides, as sad as it was, the vet thought it would be best if Nobby was put down.But Lou Robinson of Texas, who has adopted and cared for homeless and unwanted dogs with her husband Mark throughout her life, wanted something different.

They quickly decided not to accept the vet’s offer and take care of Nobby themselves. Nobby followed Lou home.There, she and her husband looked after the dog around the clock. They gave him love, security and food through a bottle.

When Nobby was almost a month old, he suddenly began to sneeze. He could no longer poop, and small bubbles came out of his nose.
After an X-ray, it turned out that something was wrong with Nubby’s esophagus.

Nobby was given antibiotics and placed in an incubator. The situation looked serious, but Nobby had an unusual will and fighting spirit.

He did not give up and fought. And while he had a chance at a good life, his foster parents fought to give him that chance.

Luckily, Nobby recovered over time.Today, three years later, this wonderful little boy has shown himself to be a true survivor.

Of course, life presents Nobby with some difficulties, but he showed the whole world that anything is possible.

He has grown up into a strong dog. He loves to play and seems to be curious about life and all that it has to offer. He even has his own small wheelchair, which makes it easier for him to move around and play.

The vet thought he should be euthanized, but with the help of Lou and Mark Nobby, he showed that anything was possible.

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