From birth, the Golden Retriever takes care of its little owner – this is a real friendship

A little girl named Macy has had a best friend since birth. This friend is big, shaggy, and loves to lick her face.

When Macy’s parents-to-be found out that they would have a child, they already had a dog.

Many friends asked what they would do with the pet.

The couple said that the Golden Retriever Marshall is a member of the family and will not interfere with the newborn in any way. And so it turned out.

The dog was very happy about the appearance of the newborn and immediately became her best friend and guard.

When the parents brought Macy home, the dog looked into the crib all the time and strove to lick the baby. He immediately took her under his care, enveloped her with love and care.

From day one, Marshal is always by Macy’s side. He watches her eat and sleep.

The child and the dog play together, and sometimes Marshal serves as a soft pillow for the girl.

It’s so heartwarming to see how a baby grows up with her dog, and they are best friends.

People need to let their children come close to animals, especially dogs. Love towards nature begins from the crib.

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