Giselle became a mother at the age of 60: How her daughter Cleopatra lives and looks who is already 7 years old

In 2015, this story alarmed the whole country. Giselle Shubenina gave birth at the age of 60.

Many immediately began to condemn the woman, according to others, it is very strange and unfair to become a mother at this age.

Rumors and gossip spread that the child was born sick, disabled or will definitely get sick in the future.

Giselle did not react to all these statements, she claimed that if she was doing this, there was a reason for it.

The woman had her first serious relationship in her youth.

They got married, and soon a son was born in the family.

But circumstances developed so much that the couple broke up, and Giselle began raising the boy on her own.

At 50, she meets a man 8 years younger than her.

It was love, the couple started a relationship. Giselle didn’t believe in her luck.

Alexei supported his beloved in every possible way, they went through this grief together.

Soon he proposes to a wife, and they get married.

But in the future, they began to think about children.

Although Giselle is already old, she still decided to get pregnant.

She did not listen to the doctors, who did not advise her to do so.

Fortunately, she managed to endure and give birth to a healthy daughter.

The baby was named Cleopatra, she was born on January 16, 2015.

This story became public, the media became interested in Giselle and her family, and they were even invited to the TV show.

The girl is now 7 years old. She is very cheerful, active, and cheerful.

At the moment, she is absolutely not worried that her parents are no longer young.

Giselle recalls that when the baby was born, everyone around said the girl would be sick and disabled.

But this is not so, in her development she is no worse than her peers and is completely healthy.

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