Grandma turns 115 and becomes the oldest person in the US

We always dream of living a long and healthy life. However, our lifestyle will always affect our longevity in this world.

Pollution, stress, sedentary lifestyle and fast food all harm our overall health.

There are several things we can do to live a long life, including eating healthy, exercising, and even our outlook on life.

And maybe we can get a secret from the oldest woman in the country.

Iowa woman celebrates her 115th birthday — yes, that’s news!

It’s a fantastic feat when someone hits the 100 mark and it always makes headlines.And this long-liver deserves both celebration and recognition in the media.

This is Bessie Hendrix, and in early November she turned 115 years old.We can say that she is legendary and is a witness to most of the history.

She has lived long enough to see the country elect 21 presidents, fight in two world wars, two Chicago Cubs World Cups, and even sink the Titanic.

She celebrated her birth along with her surviving children.

Her eldest, Joan Schaffer, celebrated her 90th birthday a day before Bessie’s.

She was with her other younger siblings Shirley, Glenda, and Leon. f all five children were ready, it would be a huge celebration, but it’s already pretty amazing.

Bessie currently holds the record of the oldest living American.

The other two held the record before Bessie until their unfortunate deaths.

Thelma Sutcliffe died last January and Mila Mangold died last July.

Since Bessie is 115 years old, she is not only the oldest in America, but also the 10th in the world.

They celebrated her birthday in Shady Oaks Care Center.

The employees and staff celebrated with the family , with balloons, hats, and cake!

Minus the candles, of course. There would be too many of them.

Her children sang their mother’s favorite song «You are my Sunshine».

It was their tribute to how their mom always loved to sing.Leon recalled how she would often sing to them.

Even when she was already in the nursing home, she sang this song when she was being rolled, and even the residents were looking forward to it.

It is fitting that they sing it to her on her special day.

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