“Husky dragged me into the forest by force!” The dog dived into the box and took out 7 wet kittens one by one

Whitney Bralee lives in Menlo, Georgia.She is a 30 year old mother of 3 and unfortunately disabled. The woman can’t walk, so not only her family helps her in life, but also her faithful dog, a 3-year-old husky named Banner.

And recently, when strange things began to happen to the dog, Whitney immediately realized that the dog was trying to tell her something.

Banner barked, jumped on the hostess, grabbed her clothes and tried to pull her out of the house.

“It was amazing because my dog ​​always listened to me,” the woman says. ”And then she literally got out of control and instead of executing commands dragged me in an incomprehensible direction.”

She followed the pet, Whitney reached the forest belt and went deeper into the thicket of bushes. And suddenly he saw a cardboard box that someone had thrown into the trees.

The husky dug his muzzle into the cardboard and brought out a small, wet white puppy… Then another… And another.

“I was scared because they didn’t make a sound and were very cold,” Whitney shares her emotions. “I thought they were already dead, but luckily they were all alive! And I don’t even know how Banner found out about this box.”

There were seven of them. The dog brought them to her owner. The foundlings were brought home, warmed and fed.

In fact, they were very small. they did not look a day old, so taking care of such children became a serious test for the disabled woman.

But she did it! The husky helped him, didn’t he?

Banner watched over the cats, never letting them out of sight. The restless dog suddenly turned into a sedate nanny who spends hours next to a bunch of kittens, keeping order and safety!

She now slumbers only next to the crumbs, licks them and warms them with her soft wool.

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